Jingles: “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner”

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY! For this week’s TuneBack I’m doing something a little different. Today I’m tuning back to some of those fun commercial jingles from yesterday… and the theme is “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner”.

BREAKFAST: For breakfast, it was almost always sugary cereals for me. It was the early ’80s so there was a huge selection of this stuff (usually tied to a movie or TV show). One that I loved was Mr. T Cereal. It was pretty much exactly like Cap’n Crunch, except they were shaped like “T”‘s. I don’t remember this commercial at all, but it’s too “cool” not to share.

LUNCH: One of my frequently enjoyed lunchtime meals was McCain Pizza Pockets. Just toss them in the microwave, nuke them for 90 seconds and enjoy!! Be careful when biting into them though, as the insides would often burn the roof of your mouth. “No Leaks. No Mess. Just Pizza Perfection”

DINNER: Pasta was a typical kids dinner and this jingle is one that has stayed in my head since it first came out… the classic ItalPasta. The song is very catchy, and the commercial barely shows the pasta. It’s mostly a bunch of attractive people on the beach playing volleyball and being sprayed with water.

BONUS VIDEO: McCain’s Drinking Box jingle was another one of those that was always stuck in my head as a kid. Kinda make’s me want one right now, actually.

See you next Tuesday!!


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