If I Could Turn Back Time

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Over the weekend we turned the clocks back an hour… so it’s only appropriate that this week’s TuneBack is “If I Could Turn Back Time” by the legendary Cher.


TRIVIA: “If I Could Turn Back Time” was written by Diane Warren, who produced the song along with Guy Roche. While the soft rock track was not specifically written for Cher, the singer initially disliked the song upon hearing a demo and turned it down. Speaking of its recording, Warren elaborated in 1991: “I got on my knees and pleaded. I told her I wasn’t going to leave the room until she said yes, and finally, just to get rid of me, she did.” In 2014, she further added: “She really hated [it], but I held her leg down during a session and said, ‘You have to record it!’.” According to Warren, Cher reportedly responded: “‘Fuck you, bitch! You’re hurting my leg! OK, I’ll try it.’ She gave me this look like, ‘You were right’.”

See you next Tuesday!!


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