Instant Karma!

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! 35 years ago today, December 8th, 1980, John Lennon was shot and killed. His death still reverberates as a defining moment for a generation and for the music world. In honour of his memory, I’m tuning it back to “Instant Karma!”.


TRIVIA: “Instant Karma!” was written, recorded and released within a period of ten days, making it one of the fastest-released songs in pop music history.

Together with his wife, Yoko Ono, John Lennon spent New Year 1970 in Aalborg, Denmark, establishing a relationship with Ono’s former husband, artist Tony Cox, and visiting Cox and Ono’s daughter Kyoko. The visit coincided with the start of what Lennon termed “Year 1 AP (After Peace)”, following his and Ono’s much-publicised Bed-Ins and other peace-campaign activities throughout 1969.

To mark the new era, on 20 January 1970, the couple shaved off their shoulder-length hair. Lennon and Ono pledged to auction the shorn hair for a charitable cause, having similarly announced on 5 January that they would donate all future royalties from their recordings to the peace movement. Also while in Denmark, the Lennons, Cox and the latter’s current partner, Melinde Kendall, discussed the concept of “instant karma”, whereby the causality of one’s actions is immediate rather than borne out over a lifetime. Author Philip Norman writes of the concept’s appeal: “The idea was quintessential Lennon – the age-old Buddhist law of cause and effect turned into something as modern and synthetic as instant coffee and, simultaneously, into a bogey under the stairs that can get you if you don’t watch out.”

See you next Tuesday!!


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