Rise Up

It’s TUNEBACK TUESDAY! A couple days ago, fear and hate took the lives of innocent people in Orlando. Hate is taught. We are not born with an urge to hate people because they are different than us. Please spread a message of love. Today I’m tuning it back to Parachute Club’s “Rise Up”. “We want freedom to love who we please.”


TRIVIA: The song’s first ever live public performance took place at the 1983 Toronto Pride parade. In 2014, the surviving band members released a contemporary dance remix of the song in conjunction with Toronto’s hosting of the 2014 edition of WorldPride.

In 1998, the song was licensed by EMI Music Canada to McCain Foods for a television commercial for its line of frozen rising-crust pizzas. Members of Parachute Club publicly opposed this commercial use of the song and commenced legal action for breach of copyright against EMI Music Canada and McCain Foods. A spokesperson for EMI Music Canada stated that “the contract…allows us to license the song in all commercials and films except for political endorsements, religious messages and X-rated motion pictures, so we had no reason to believe that they would object.”

While the position of EMI Music Canada was technically correct, the music publisher had overlooked the concept of “moral rights” recognized as being protected under Canadian and U.S. copyright law. While EMI Music Canada had been granted the right to license the song, band members had the moral right to prevent its association with a product that they believed brought their reputation into disrepute.

In a news release issued at the time of the commencement of the litigation, band members stated that “(a)s a result of its use on the ad…the song, the people who believe in it and the reputation of its creators have suffered damage within the sphere of public credibility and our personal reputations.” The action was settled before trial, with the result that band members were able to recover from EMI Music Canada all of the band members’ music publishing rights.

See you next Tuesday!


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