You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

It’s TUNEBACK TUESDAY! With the sad news of the passing of Pete Burns, I’m tuning it back to his classic ’80s hit, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive. Rest in Peace, Pete. Thank you for the music.


TRIVIA: Dead or Alive’s vocalist Pete Burns states in his autobiography that he composed “You Spin Me Round” by using two existing songs as inspiration for creating something new:

How did I write “Spin Me”? I listened to Luther Vandross’s ‘I Wanted Your Love’. It’s not the same chord structure, but then that’s the way I make music – I hear something and I sing another tune over it. I didn’t sit and study the Luther Vandross album – I heard the song and it locked. […] I’m trying to structure the music and I know what I want. […] It’s like do this, do this, do this – and suddenly it hits. I don’t want to do Luther Vandross’s song, but I can still sing the same pattern over it. And there was another record, by Little Nell, called “See You ‘Round Like A Record”. […] So I had those two, Vandross and Little Nell and – bingo! – done deal.

— Pete Burns, Freak Unique (2007)
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Le Freak

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Today I’m tuning it back to 1978 with “Le Freak” by Chic. Just try not to dance in your seat to this disco gem. Enjoy!


TRIVIA: This song commemorates Studio 54 for its notoriously long customer waiting lines, exclusive clientele, and discourteous doormen. According to guitarist Nile Rodgers, the song was devised during New Year’s Eve of 1977, as a result of he and bassist Bernard Edwards’ being refused entrance to Studio 54, where they had been invited by Grace Jones, due to her failure to notify the nightclub’s staff. He said the lyrics of the refrain were originally “F*** off!” rather than “Freak out!”.

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I Am What I Am

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! In honour of National Coming Out Day, I’m tuning it back to “I Am What I Am” by Gloria Gaynor. Remember to bang your own drum… and be proud of who you are. Enjoy!!


TRIVIA: I Am What I Am is a song originally introduced in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles (1983–1987). The song is the finale number of the musical’s first act, and performed by the character of Albin Mougeotte, first played by George Hearn. The song was composed in 1983 by Jerry Herman, an openly gay man.

The song was later released as a single by Gloria Gaynor in 1983 and went on to become one of the singer’s best known songs. A club hit in America, Gaynor’s version of “I Am What I Am” was a hit throughout Europe and eventually became a gay anthem.

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Always Coca-Cola/Proud of our Blue Jays

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! In honour of the Wild-Card Blue Jays game tonight, I’m tuning it back to this classic Coca-Cola Commercial from 1993. This version aired right after the Jays won the ’93 World Series.

BONUS VIDEOS: Here’s the rebooted version that came out last year:

And here’s the original “Always Coca-Cola” commercial with those catchy lyrics:

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