Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! This past week has definitely been a trying one for many. Since Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election last week, there has been a rise in expressions of hate and violence. This is not okay. This is not something to ignore. More than ever we need to stand up for our fellow human beings, especially those being marginalized, and show them that we care and we love them no matter their gender, sexual orientation, colour of their skin, etc. We can’t allow the fear and hate to spread over our world like a disease. We must use our words to express to those who may be lost amidst the vast amount of misinformation and manipulation that every one of us is worthy of living a happy life with equal rights.

Sadly, this week we lost one of our greatest wordsmiths and musicians, Leonard Cohen. A true poet, his loss is another addition to the many great artists we lost this year. We need his words more than ever right now. So today I’m tuning it back to his incredible, classic song, “Hallelujah”.


TRIVIA: Cohen wrote around 80 draft verses for “Hallelujah”, with one writing session at the Royalton Hotel in New York where he was reduced to sitting on the floor in his underwear, banging his head on the floor.

Since 1991, “Hallelujah” has been performed by a wide variety of singers: over 300, and in various languages. Different interpretations of the song may include different verses, out of the over 80 verses Cohen originally wrote.

BONUS VIDEOS: Here are a few of my favourite covers of “Hallelujah”

See you next Tuesday!



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