Bennie And The Jets

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! In honour of Elton John being in Toronto (for his final tour), I’m tuning it back to “Bennie And The Jets”. Check out this official music video (which only came out last year)! Enjoy!


TRIVIA: Elton John rarely plays the song verbatim to the studio version, and often makes subtle or even drastic changes. Live, the piano solo in the middle of the song has been played in all sorts of variations, from very close to the original to wildly improvised and extended versions, such as the elaborate version during a Central Park concert in 1980 and another memorable take on it during the “Elton and his band” part of the show recorded for what would become Live in Australia in December 1986. (It can be seen on various Laserdisc releases of the show.) He has also been known to end the song in a wide range of styles, including classical, swing, boogie-woogie and even using the signature five-note phrase from John Williams’ score for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

See you next Tuesday!!


National Aerobic Championship Theme

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Last week I filmed 3 new episodes of my kids show, Camp Cowabunga (which is set at a summer camp in the 1980s’). Near the beginning of the shoot we ended up watching the super-hilarious National Aerobic Championship video that went viral a while back. I still can’t get the song by Ty Parr out of my head. This one is dedicated to all the amazing cast and crew who made filming my show such a dream. Enjoy!!

TRIVIA: On November 20th, 2014, Key and Peele released a parody of the video. Watch it here:

See you next Tuesday!!