Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY: Halloween Edition!! Today I’m tuning it back to “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.. Enjoy!!


TRIVIA: When the theme song of Ghostbusters was released, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr. for plagiarism, stating that Parker’s song was too similar to Lewis’ “I Want a New Drug”. Lewis had been approached to compose the main theme song for the film, but had to decline because of his work on the soundtrack for Back to the FutureThe two parties settled out of court. Details of the settlement (specifically, that Columbia Pictures paid Lewis a settlement) remained confidential until 2001, when Lewis commented on the payment in an episode of VH1’s Behind the Music. Parker subsequently sued Lewis for breaching confidentiality.

It was nominated at the 57th Academy Awards for Best Original Song, but lost to Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You”.

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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! In honour of my 6-year wedding anniversary this weekend, I’m dedicating this week’s song to my incredible husband. I’m tuning it back 30 years to the 1987 hit “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.


TRIVIA: Featured as the theme to the romantic comedy film Mannequin, it hit No. 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 on April 4, 1987 and reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks the following month and became the UK’s 2nd biggest selling single of 1987. The single became the first number one single by songwriter Diane Warren. At the time, it made Grace Slick (aged 47) the oldest woman to have a number one single in the United States though the record was later broken by Cher’s “Believe” in 1999 (aged 52).

The song also received an Academy Award nomination for “Best Original Song” at the 60th Academy Awards.

In a radio interview, co-writer Albert Hammond said that the idea for the song came from his impending marriage to his live-in girlfriend of seven years, after his divorce from his previous wife was finalized. He had said to Diane Warren, “It’s almost like they’ve stopped me from marrying this woman for seven years, and they haven’t succeeded. They’re not gonna stop me doing it.” The song has been considered “feel good” propelled by a strong synthesizer beat.

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Easy Street

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Last week, ANNIE (the 1982 version) was added to Netflix. I used to watch this movie all the time when I was a kid. So today I’m tuning it back to one of my favourite numbers (although there are SO many wonderful songs) “Easy Street” performed by Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters.


TRIVIA: The first incarnation of the show-stopping “Easy Street” was literally performed in a street, with the three enthralling villains of the film, Hannigan, Rooster, and St. Clair, displaying their joyous greed against a backdrop of dozens of dancing street vendors. After it was shot, director John Huston decided it wasn’t intimate enough and, more importantly, the setting distracted from the three enormous personalities at the center of it. Tim Curry, Carol Burnett, and Bernadette Peters were more interesting to watch just by themselves than in a whole studio full of performers.

After primary shooting, Carol Burnett underwent surgery to correct her overbite and align her jaw. When she was called back to re-shoot “Easy Street,” she had a new face.  As quoted in the Chicago Tribune, she told her director about her concerns. “Mr. Huston,” she remembers saying, “Two months ago, when I went into the closet, I didn’t have a chin.” “Dear,” he responded, “just come out looking determined.”

BONUS VIDEO: Check out the behind-the-scenes video featuring the original version of “Easy Street”.

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Love Is All Around

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! The world is in need of more love and light these days… so I’m tuning it back to not one, but TWO songs with the same title… “Love Is All Around”. The first is the theme song from The Mary Tyler Moore Show (written and performed by Sonny Curtis). It was very sad to hear of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing last week and this is dedicated to her (note: some of the frames in the video have been altered due to copyright issues)…

ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: September 19, 1970

The second song is “Love Is All Around” by The Troggs. I just love this song. I think I first heard the song in the 1998 movie “Get Real” (a british movie that helped me come to terms with my own sexuality). Enjoy!


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Good Morning

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! For the first TuneBack of 2017, I’m tuning it back to “Good Morning” from Singin’ in the Rain performed by Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor. Debbie Reynolds was one of the Hollywood greats and it was incredibly sad to hear of her passing last week (just one day after the passing of her daughter, Carrie Fisher).

TRIVIA: Originally written for the 1939 film, Babes in Arms performed by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

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We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Last week the beautiful and talented Tina Turner celebrated her 77th Birthday! Today I’m tuning it back to one of my favourites, “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)”. Happy Birthday, Tina!!!


TRIVIA: In 1986, the song received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song and a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

The music video received an MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Female Video.

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Angel of the Morning

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! I recently (finally) watched Deadpool and LOVED it!! So today I’m tuning it back to the song featured in the opening credits, “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton.


TRIVIA: Written by Chip Taylor, “Angel of the Morning” has been recorded numerous times and has been a hit single for various artists including Merrilee Rush, Juice Newton, Nina Simone, P.P. Arnold, Olivia Newton-John, The Pretenders/Chrissie Hynde, Dusty Springfield, Mary Mason, Melba Montgomery, Vagiant, Billie Davis, Bonnie Tyler, Rita Wilson and Skeeter Davis.

The song “Angel”, by reggae artist Shaggy, heavily samples “Angel of the Morning”, using the melody with different words for the sung refrain.

BONUS VIDEO: Here’s the intro to Deadpool. It’s pretty fantastic.

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Pure Imagination

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Yesterday the world lost comedic icon, Gene Wilder. In honour of his legacy, I’m tuning it back to his beautiful performance of “Pure Imagination” in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


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Absolutely Fabulous

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! In honour of the international release of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie this weekend, I’m tuning it back to “Absolutely Fabulous” by Pet Shop Boys. Enjoy, sweetie darling!


TRIVIA: The song was released as a single for 1994’s Comic Relief, under the artist name ‘Absolutely Fabulous’.

BONUS VIDEO: Check out the extended version of the theme song, “This Wheel’s On Fire” featuring clips and outtakes from the show.

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Part of Your World

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! Last week I was on vacation at the most magical place on Earth… Disney World! So today I’m tuning it back to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman.

ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: December 13, 1989

TRIVIA: While recording “Part of Your World”, singer Jodi Benson requested that the studio’s lights be dimmed to give her the feeling of being underwater. Howard Ashman stood at Benson’s side, giving her suggestions to benefit her performance.

During production of The Little Mermaid, “Part of Your World” was nearly cut from the film when it seemingly tested poorly with an audience of school children, who became rowdy during the scene. This caused Jeffrey Katzenberg to feel that the song slowed down the film and needed to be cut, an idea that was resisted by Ashman and co-directors John Musker & Ron Clements. Both Musker and Clements cited the similar situation of the popular song “Over the Rainbow” nearly being cut from MGM’s The Wizard of Oz when appealing to Katzenberg. Ashman pushed for the song to remain until the film was in a more finalized state. During a second test screening, the scene, now colorized and further developed, tested well with a separate child audience, and the musical number was kept.

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